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About A-Treat:

In 1918 A-Treat was started three generations ago in a three-car garage in downtown Allentown (PA) by Joseph and Jack Egizio. The business moved to its present location in east Allentown in 1932 where it has produced delicious A-Treat sodas for near and distant customers for the past 75 years. 90 years of operation is quite a testimony to the quality of A-Treat beverages. A-Treat sodas are still produced with the same care and attention to quality that Joe and John practiced when A-Treat beverages were first produced in 1918. Since their introduction in 1918 A-Treat brand soft drinks have gained a reputation for superior quality and flavor. We are especially proud of this reputation since we generally do not use the "stock" extracts offered by the various flavor houses but produce our own flavoring material from basic essential oils or procure our flavoring material from outside sources produced according to our specifications. A-Treat Cola, Ginger Ale, and Orange have been perennial favorites. A few years ago an article in Lehigh Valley Magazine (Allentown, PA) named A-Treat Cream Soda as one of the "100 Best Things About The Lehigh Valley". A-Treat Birch Beer, a unique flavor peculiar to the region, is a popular item that is a top request of those customers who have moved away and order soda by mail. Our diet soda line with all the different flavors is popular with those that are weight conscious or sugar intolerant. But the popularity of our sodas is not restricted to those just mentioned. All of our sodas have found eager customers in whatever market they have been introduced. With over 25 different flavors available, customers have no problem finding a favorite A-Treat flavor. Pick your favorite A-Treat flavor and enjoy!


Biometric Services Inc. (BSI) is a computer system design and consulting company having worked with A-Treat Bottling Co. for a number of years. In the past BSI has provided data processing systems for A-Treat, and now maintains this web site for our mutual benefit.

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